Adobe Illustratoを使って、GISデータで高品質の地図を作成


MAPublisherはプロ向けの地図作成専用のソフトウェアです。Adobe Illustrator内から、50以上ものGISツールが利用できるようになり、高精度の美しい地図が作成できます。


Adobe Illustratorの環境が利用できるので、地図の隅々まで思い通りの表現が可能です。完成した地図は、印刷用だけではなく、Avenza Maps用の地図、GISで利用できる地図としても出力できます。

Seamless Integration

MAPublisher panels and tools seamlessly integrate into the Adobe Illustrator interface and can be resized, moved, and docked. Quickly launch MAPublisher tools to manage map layers, view map attributes, create and edit theme stylesheets, create selection filters, plot points and much more.

Geospatial Interoperability

It’s all about increased productivity for cartographers and GIS professionals. Easily and quickly import various data formats, create high-quality map products, and export data to different file formats or publish to print and digital formats, including web maps and maps for mobile devices.

Cartographic Workflow

MAPublisher and Adobe Illustrator together form the complete cartographic workflow—from raw data to publishing a high-quality map; and everything in between. Combine powerful graphic design tools and the geospatial precision of MAPublisher tools to build visually-rich maps.

Highly Compatible

MAPublisher is available on Mac and Windows and is compatible with the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 release, ensuring the latest graphic design tools are at your disposal. Licenses available as both fixed single and floating. Floating licenses are cost effective for any commercial, academic, or non-profit organization.

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