Smart Cities & IOT


Client Challenge

CARTO is a smart cities leader powering intelligent cities around the world. From biking and housing apps to risk platforms and custom dashboards, CARTO has smarter cities covered.

Learn why future cities must be smarter cities in our new white paper, surveying future and current best practices and developments. See how CARTO can harness location data at scale to create more livable cities with solutions for:

- Predictive analysis
- Intelligent policy and design
- Effective emergency response
- Civic engagement
- Economic opportunity

Complete this form to download our smart cities white paper which includes case studies, IoT applications, the latest in location intelligence, and the evolution of smart cities.

CARTO’s Solution

San Diego used CARTO Engine to keep citizens informed on the condition of city services using Open Data syncing data from existing repositories with our simple to use APIs - creating an app with the San Diego city branding.