Investment Analysis

Identify where to expand, set up and relocate by visualizing commercial and residential property locations. Use CARTO’s customizable dashboards and view detailed data indicators from our Data Observatory, like population density and economic output - creating insights to power your biggest portfolio decisions.

Client Challenge

Using CARTO, JLL and London & Partners have designed GROW.LONDON, an interactive group of visualizations showing London's landscape evolution.

These data-driven maps were developed to help businesses interested in the city of London make decisions and gauge developmental impacts. GROW.LONDON powered with CARTO provides insights on:

- Demography: Population, Employment, and Economy
The characteristics of London's markets and their status - established, emerging, and future
- London's history: A chronology of London landmarks and developments
- Residential market: housing prices, annual and current changes
- London's existing transportation network and the prospective infrastructure projects

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About the project


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